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Currently we import data from:

  • CSV Text File
  • Kerridge / Keyloop (CSV Report File)
  • GDS Workshop Manager
  • GDS CV Manager

Import routines scheduled for:

  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Other popular DMS Systems
  • Other popular Workshop Systems

SmartView - Work Organiser

SmartView is an easy to use Electronic T-Card System to help you manage the flow of work in your workshop. Windows Based with a Drag & Drop Interface means that SmartView is easy to learn and operate.
SmartView has alarms to keep you informed of Job overruns and vehicles nearing their due out time. It can also keep track of things such as Vehicle Key Numbers and Parking Bays to help you locate cars quickly and more efficiently.


SmartView has an easy to use Drag & Drop interface to manage the Cards on the board. The Cards in SmartView represent a single jobcard and its associated vehicle (or item of equipment).

Lists on a SmartView board can be created and configured how you like. Typically, you may likely have Lists such as Vehicles Due to Arrive, Vehicles on site, a List for each Technician or Department (SmartView can handle 50+ Technicians), a Parts On Order List, Work Complete and Re-book Required. Lists can be set at different heights to make best use of the available screen size. Lists will be placed below each other if there is room, before being placed side by side. If the SmartView board is bigger than the screen, the system will allow you to scroll the board left and right to view Lists which may be off the screen.

As cards are moved around the board, a window can popup to ask for additional details, such as a Key Number, Parking Bay No, or Duration of the job. When Cards are moved to a Completed list, they can be archived off into the history where you can perform database searches when required.

Adviser View - Advisers can choose to see only their own Cards in a different board layout


A large array of details can be stored against each card, including Vehicle Reg Number, Job Number, Customer Name, etc. Up to 5 custom indicators can be set on each card. These could be to signify a Loan Car, Collection & Delivery required, Fast Lane job etc.

Visual Warning Indicators are automatically activated on a card when the vehicle is close to its due out time, or when a technicians allocated time has overrun.

Different board views can be provided for different Staff, such as Workshop Controller, Service Manager, Service Adviser and a Wash/Valet team.

Board Activity - see who is carrying out actions


SmartView records all activity on the board into a log file which all users can see. Examples of activity include Card Movements, Comments on Cards, Update of Valet Status, Alert/Alarm Snoozing etc.

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